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A Vacation Paradise

What Cape San Blas Vacations Offer

Located just outside of the small town of Port St. Joe in Gulf County, Florida, Cape San Blas is an ideal location for vacationers to explore the untouched nature of Florida. The Park offers beautiful white-sand beaches that are typically pet-friendly. Most of the vacation homes in this area are either right off of private beaches, or a short walk to one.


Within Cape San Blas Park, expect to experience all of that Florida nature has to offer, from swimming and sun bathing to snorkeling, fishing, and bird watching. The 1,900 acre area has something for everyone! Those adventurers interested in outdoor exploration, kayak and bike rentals are abundant and are a great way to explore St. Joseph Bay. Enjoy the beaches with a horseback ride at sunrise or sunset!


For vacationers that like to indulge in delicious food or partake in some casual shopping, heading into Port St. Joe is the place to go. Indian Pass Raw Bar is among one of the local favorite eats in town but far from the only. For shoppers, the main strip is home to several unique boutique stores all offering a taste of something different and unique for everyone.


About Cape San Blas Park

Today, the park offers adventurers something special. Spanning 2.7 acres, it's nestled between Apalachicola and Port St. Joe, and sits right at the tip of St. Joseph Peninsula where it meets the Gulf of Mexico. The park, previously known as the T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, also sits along the St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve, which is one of the only bodies of water not influenced by fresh water creating a vast and bountiful ecosystem in the area. Cape San Blas is one of the Gulf Coasts best kept Florida beach secrets.


Cape San Blas Vacation Rentals

Rentals in this area are abundant and fit vacationer parties of all sizes. The Cape (sometimes broken down into Cape San Blas North and South) offers opportunities to vacation right off pristine private beaches, or take the day to explore the tip of the Cape's wildlife park.


Here, expect to see some of the largest sand dunes east of the Mississippi along with some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets ever. The most popular times of year for vacationers to visit the park is Summer, typically right after school sessions let out. However, even during the peak season, vacationers can still enjoy uncrowded beautiful beaches with unspoiled natural beauty. This makes Cape San Blas the ideal location for families or groups that are interested in a vacation where they can have their own space.

Take a hike and visit the Donna Kay

Catch the sunset while horseback riding on the beach.

Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of Cape San Blas.